Software Development

You can only go so far with "out-of-the-box" software, but what happens when you need something more?
Centreline 2000 can help with your software development projects.
We can configure and program your office products, including all version of Microsoft Office.
We can build Internet programs, with custom programs for all sorts of web pages.
We can develop whole new programs for you.


ENCANTO Online eCommerce

Purpose Built eCommerce for your business
We do all the heavy lifting, you just have to sell.


BELOGA Content Management

Tried Wordpress? Need something faster and customised to your needs?
BELOGA is a custom built content management system for blogging with high speed delivery.
Built to meet your needs and delivery content at high speed.


uLearn Online Learning System

Online Learning Systems
Do you need to teach your staff?
Should you provide guides for your customers?
Would you like make money selling online courses?
uLearn provides an online system for small or large scale tuition over the web.


Online Insurance System

Saving hundreds of phone hours
If you have ever dealt with insurance by phone you will know that it takes forever as you work through the extensive list of questions.
Imagine how much worse it is for a Truck Insurance Broker where you have to deal with fleets of trucks carrying all sorts of goods.
This insurance company saved hundreds of hours of staff phone time by moving their quotation system online.


Automated CAD Drawings

4 Hour Task Reduced to 10 Minutes
This manufacturer of steel fencing has senior draughtsmen creating detailed drawings for the factory shop floor to create bespoke steel gates.   A single drawing can take 4 or more hours to create.
The drawing office was a bottle neck in the production process and good draughtsmen prepared to handle such repetitive tasks are difficult to find.
This automated drawing system handles 90% of all drawings from a handful of data points - an entire drawing set is created in less than 10 minutes.