Yes, my CV is available as below.
Please note, I have two CV's
This one discusses my Management Skills
And this CV focusses on my Technical Skills


Yes of course.
For obvious reasons I cannot give names and contact details here, but please get in touch with me and I will arrange for you to speak to any of my customers.
I can also provide personal references if you would like.


ManufactureAccess, Excel, VBA, SQL ServerMultiple, extensive business critical systems for full order, manufacture and delivery control
InstituteWindows Server Senior consultant,developed and installed multiple systems over 20 years
ManufactureLibJPEGAutomated drawing system for shop-floor manufacture
ManufactureExcelDevelopment of recipe costing system for £M equipment manufacture
ManufactureAccess. SQL ServerManagement dashboard for instant business intelligence
ConsumerASP, CSS, MySQL, IISPurpose built online shopping solution
AssortedASP, CSS, MySQL, IISPurpose built online content management system
RetailMachine Learning, AIFace recognition system for customer service
WordpressPHP, ApacheDeveloped and maintained assorted blogs including custom PHP coding
Local Govtwscript, SQLFull CMS control with high security and publication to web for local Govt
AdvertisingAccess, VBA, SQLManagement system for billboard agency across UK
InsuranceVBA, SQL, ASPQuoting engine building for online quotation
Royal NavyC, SH, UnixQuartermaster system for whole Royal Navy fleet
Royal NavyC, SH, UnixIdiot level management of IT systems for Royal Navy submarines
EducationASP, CSS, SQLOnline learning systems for worldwide remote teaching
UniversityUnix, LinuxManagement of university IT infrastructure
PetroleumWindows ServerUpgrade of IT infrastructure from Unix to Windows
TelecomsC, Unix, WindowsMassive data conversion from Unix to Windows
PoliceC, UnixSecurity systems for printed documents
AssortedConsultancyDisaster recovery planning
AssortedConsultancyData management solutions
GovernmentConsultancyData conversion
AssortedCSS, JS. CGIWeb sites for SME to corporate and local Govt
ConsumerHTML, CGI, MySQLOnline systems for sale of Schumacher products
Security IP ProtocolsRemote Workers ruggedised tablets for job control and worker safety
SecurityCyber SecurityWrote and delivered training courses on cyber security products
MortgageAccess, VBA, SQLMortgage management system
ManufactureExcel, Access, SQLExtensive order management system from quote to despatch


Rates are variable depending on the type and length of the job.
As a ball park, short term jobs are around £600/day, long term jobs are around £400/day.
But these may be lower or higher depending on the job.


Not normally.   Normally all work is done at our offices in Cheltenham.
We will of course visit as required and for any installations and to understand your requirements.
Where we can we like to arrange remote access to your system - this means we can provide near instant support.  However this is optional and not necessary.


Yes.   Small scale coding in Spreadsheets, Word or Access databases are my bread and butter.


Yes.  We have converted data from a huge range of sources.
We can handle conversions from and to SQL Server, mySQL, Access, Oracle and many others.
We can also take non-database formats like text files and spreadsheets and convert them into databases.
We can also go the other way round - exporting database information into other useful formats.


It does depend quite what projects are in play at any moment, but usually around 2 weeks.