ENCANTO Online eCommerce

Purpose Built eCommerce for your business
We do all the heavy lifting, you just have to sell.


BELOGA Content Management

Tried Wordpress? Need something faster and customised to your needs?
BELOGA is a custom built content management system for blogging with high speed delivery.
Built to meet your needs and delivery content at high speed.


CAIRO Minutes Manager

CAIRO: Committee Assistance, Internet Retrieval and Organisation
Provides full support to local government
council minute preparation and circulation.


TUDOR Document Conversion

High quality, accurate conversion of Uniplex documents.
Do you need high quality and high accuracy conversion of Uniplex documents to MS-Word or other PC programs? Do you have 100's of documents using Uniplex features such as tables, fonts, line draw or multi-columns? Then TUDOR is the program for you!


TUSCANY Spreadsheet Conversion

Do you need to read Uniplex Spreadsheets on your PC?
Do you use programs such as Lotus 1-2-3 or MS-Excel?
With Office 2000 Spreadsheet Converter you can read Uniplex Save Files into any leading PC Spreadsheet, Database, Word Processor or Charting package.
Spreadsheet Converter is a PC based program which can read and convert Uniplex Spreadsheets directly, without using list files. Spreadsheets are output in Lotus 1-2-3 WK3 or WK4 format files which can be read by virtually any PC package - all from your Windows desktop.